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Chloe Panta - Business Coach

Chloe Panta Business Coach + Mindset Mentor

You Want To Create A Dream Life, You Just Aren't Sure How

There is so much more you know you're capable of and you're ready to claim the life of your dreams. You want to create a surefire business and live life on your terms. Living a dream life can be a reality after all...

Have you ever felt like...

You were meant to do more than work a 9-5 or some mind-boggling job that isn't serving your purpose?

You were meant to serve and help others, but you aren't sure how?

You were meant for greatness but you don't know the road to get there?

You want to live life on your terms, working from wherever, with the ability to do whatever you want but you feel lost and stuck?

I'm here to tell you, you aren't alone. The life you want is possible.

You dream of...

Working from a beachfront while enjoying the ocean breeze...

Sitting in your home, doing work you love while providing value to your clients...

Being able to afford the luxurious lifestyle you deserve...

Being able to live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of...

Living a fairytail life in real life...

Providing RESULTS to your clients as you help them transform their lives...

You just aren't sure how to get there...

I get it. 

I've been there. Afraid to live my dreams and run the business of my dreams because I was afraid of what someone else would say. I was afraid if it would work or not. I was afraid if I would fail. I was afraid I would mess up.

But you know what? I did it anyway.

I stepped out on faith and I took a chance to build my coaching business. I decided if I wanted to change my life, I would have to change. If I wanted to live my dream life, only I could make it a reality.

So I did it. I stepped out on faith and I built my coaching business from scratch.

I know the ropes and I know what works and what doesn't. I know what pitfalls to avoid and what avenues to take. I know how to help you go from $0 in your coaching business to creating a multiple six figure business.

I am here to help you get to your dreams. I am that helping hand and that guiding light along the way.

If you're a coach and you're unsure of where your next client is coming from or if you'll even be able to book out your calendar this month, we need to have a conversation.

Let's talk about what it looks like to go from not being sure on how to provide value to your clients to being able to provide RESULTS.

Let's talk about crushing your income goals NOW.

Let's talk about planning that vacation you've been holding off because you feel like you don't deserve it.

Let's talk.

Let's get you aligned with your strategy, your business and providing value and results to your clients.

So what are you watiting for? Let's get to work!

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Chloe Panta - Business Coach


My name is Chloe Panta and I'm a Business Strategy Coach + Mindset Mentor. I'm a certified Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Coach and I've been able to help my clients transform their lives and their businesses for the past several years.

I have over 10 years experience in the Marketing + Advertising realm and have created multiple online businesses in the past. I am an expert in helping my clients create value and results for their very own clients. If you aren't sure what program or package to create for your clients, my specialty is to help you turn your passion into profits for your creative work.

I help coaches and consultants who are struggling in their businesses create massive income from their knowledge and expertise. If you're looking to finally create a six figure business from what you already know but you aren't sure how, let's talk. I help entrepreneurs create the lives and businesses of their dreams.

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